Insurance Rectification and Warranty

Expert Insurance Rectification and Trusted Warranty Builders


Constructpro are one of Melbourne’s leading insurance rectification and building warranty builders. This includes undertaking warranty building works in instances where your building project has ceased due to circumstances outside of your control i.e., where a builder has gone into liquidation.

We assess and rectify the situation to get your building project back on track and finished. We also identify and fix sub-standard building work and defects such as balcony leaks, bathroom waterproofing, cracking walls and more.

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Building Rectification Services for the Insurance Industry

Constructpro are on preferred building supplier panels for several large builder’s warranty and rectification insurance companies. We have done hundreds of rectification projects, giving us a level of experience and knowledge that is sought after in the market. This includes warranty and insurance rectification on single and double-storey houses, units and multi-level apartment blocks.  

This is specialist work and certainly not all builders can do the risk assessment, accurately defining the scope of works, then rectifying the project to the required standard. In fact, many builders shy away from taking on property rectification projects due to the level of risk and lack of experience. 

We make it easy for insurance agents and case managers to work with us because we fully understand the process. And we have a wide range of experience on different types of building insurance related claims and successful rectification projects. 

Types of Building Insurance Rectification Works

Building insurance rectification works include fixing building problems or defects in properties that are insured. A defect is building work not performed or completed according to requirements in the construction contract.   

A common example is water damage caused by leaks, inadequate water-proofing and poor drainage. One of the challenges is determining the scale of the problem and planning the rectification without creating further damage to the property. The Constructpro team have completed many of these types of projects. 

Significant cracks in walls and brickwork are other common issues we see in insurance rectification works. This may be due to problems with foundations, defective workmanship, earthquakes (yes we do occasionally get them in Melbourne), or sometimes accidental damage. 

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Our Insurance Building Rectification Process


Make the site safe with our team of responsive trades people


Specialist assessment is required eg. engineering, surveying, plans and reports


Builder assessment, scope of works and quoting


Building rectification and repairs undertaken by newly appointed rectification builder


Works completed, quality assurance and client handover 

We take pride in working with you to bring your property back to its original condition, in a fast, non-invasive manner. Your project will be closely monitored to ensure it is completed on time and to the highest quality standards. 

Insurance Rectification and Warranty

Construction Services for Building Warranty

In the construction industry there are a range of risks that need to be considered when taking on and completing a building project. These include changes to financial situations, time delays due to building approvals, price increases of supplies, shortage of materials, bad weather, contractor issues due to Covid, and economic changes due to global events. All of these risks may lead to your builder having cashflow issues and going broke, leaving you with an unfinished home or property development.  

Builder’s warranty insurance, also known as domestic building insurance, protects you the consumer in the event of defective work or your builder is unable to complete the project. As previously mentioned, this is sometimes due to insolvency whereby the builder is bankrupt and no longer allowed to trade or continue working. Other times the builder simply disappears leaving the project unfinished. Or a builder may die.

For more information visit the VMIA website or visit the relevant Consumer Affairs Victoria webpage.

Builder’s warranty insurance lasts for up to six years after completion or termination of the building contract. Constructpro is often called upon in this timeframe to assist with completing unfinished projects, or rectifying defective workmanship or damage caused. 

Experienced and Trusted Building Insurance Rectification Specialists


We genuinely care about fixing our client’s building problems and we get satisfaction from the client’s positive reaction to a successful restoration or rectification project. The benefits of choosing Constructpro include: 

Experienced builders with a successful track record of building projects on time and within budget
Advanced risk assessment and project management skills
Well qualified tradespeople who value craftsmanship and attention to detail
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If you are looking for an experienced master insurance builder you can rely on, then contact us today. Let us know a bit about your project and we can schedule a discovery call to see how we can rectify your building project.

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What our clients say


We love to receive feedback from our clients because they express the value our building expertise brings to them in ways we just can’t. Here are a few testimonials to help show how we may be able to assist you with your building project.

I was recommended Constructpro by a friend. It was the best piece of advice I have ever received. Constructpro demolished the existing house, prepped the land to build the new house and then built our house from the ground up.
The team liaised with our pool construction company and our building surveyor, all while managing the project during the Covid shutdowns. Our experience with the Constructpro team was nothing short of fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the entire Constructpro crew and its subcontractors. There is no doubt that Claude has put together a very professional team. Any issues that came up were resolved quickly and in a fair manner.
We are extremely happy with our new home. The quality of the build is excellent, and we often get compliments about the quality from anyone who sees it. Emanuel, the on-site Project Manager, was excellent and ensured everyone who came to site did what was needed to the highest level of precision and quality.
We highly recommend Constructpro.
John and Mardi Venusti
New Build Clients
Constructpro did a refit of our second storey bathroom to replace faulty waterproofing. All the trades were friendly, trustworthy and committed to completing their jobs to a high standard.
I was very satisfied with the result and would have no hesitation in recommending Constructpro.
Gee Clarke
Insurance Rectification Client